Platform Actions Available Points Allocated Per Action Cap (budget) Tokens Allocated Minimum Followers Interaction Limit
Facebook Like, Comment, Share 5 20% 1,400,000.00 250
Twitter Tweets, Retweet 5 20% 1,400,000.00 500
Telegram Join 45 9% 630,000.00 -
Medium Like or Share Article 5 20% 1,400,000.00 500 250
Translations? All Countries 10000 1% 70,000.00
Content Curator Write 500 word blog on your Blog or Channel // Must be pre-approved 10000 27% 1,890,000.00
Sweep Stakes Allocation TBD - 3% 210,000.00
Bitcoin Talk Like and Reply* 1 33% 1,166,666,67

Step 1: Enter your email

Your email address is used as your primary registration identity for tracking Bounty Reward points.

Valorem, may as required, provide relevant communication regarding the Bounty Campaign to this email address.

An Ethereum address is required for receiving your final #VLRToken, #Valorem, #ValoremFoundation, #VLR Token(s) for Bounty Rewards.

Step 2: Bounties

You can participate in one or all available Bounty Campaigns to gather maximum rewards.

Select at least one or more Social Media platforms that you wish to use.

Optionally you can provide an individual Ethereum address for each platform that will be used for sending Valorem Tokens associated with the amount of Bounty Reward points gained for each platform.

If no specific Ethereum addresses are provided your initial Ethereum address (provided in step Step 1) will be used instead for all of your #VLRToken, #Valorem, #ValoremFoundation, #VLR Token Bounty Reward allocation.

For Twitter and Facebook you will need to grant our app read-only access to your account.

Please ensure you disable any active pop-up blockers before granting access to Twitter or Facebook accounts.

For Bitcoin Talk you will need to include a provided web link in your forum signature. If you are wanting to submit blog posts for rewards you will need to provide a link to the post for team review.

Please use this same website to lodge further blog posts while the Bounty Campaign is open. Ensure you use the same email address for each blog posting. For the full details and rules please see our Bounty Rules available in the link above.

Step 3: Confirmation

Ensure all data you have provided is valid and correct.

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Please review carefully for further registration instructions.

If you have also registered for Bitcoin Talk bounty, you will receive a further email including the web link details for adding to your forum signature.